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About Me


I am Laura Rotter, CFA, MBA, CFP and founder of True Abundance Advisors, a fiduciary, fee-only financial planning firm located in White Plains, New York with a satellite office in New York City. I help people both locally, as well as across the country.

After 30 years of successfully managing money for institutional investors including Citicorp and Para Advisors, I found my definition of abundance shifting. As I reviewed my own financial landscape, I realized that abundance wasn't just about accumulating more wealth, but about employing my wealth to do the things I most valued. My mindset changed from “I must use my life to make money,” to “I can use my money to make a life,” I am passionate about sharing my financial planning process, which guides my clients toward decisions that integrate the attainment of both financial security AND life satisfaction as they near retirement.

In addition to my work as a financial life planner, I serve on the Advisory Council of Impact100 Westchester, a women's collective giving organization engaging women in philathropy in Westchester County.

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Dimensional Fund Advisors affiliated White Plains, NY financial advisor

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How I Can Help

Here are some of the questions that are likely top of mind for you right now: Will I have enough money to retire? How long must I keep working at this job that drains me? Am I spending in-line with my means? How will my expenses change in retirement? Am I making the best financial decisions to support myself and those that are dependent on me?”

Other financial advisors focus solely on your investments. I take a fundamentally different and more holistic approach to financial planning.

Before I look at any bank statements, insurance policies or tax returns, we first get clear about what you value, what you stand for and, based on those foundational truths, your short and long-term financial goals.

Together, we get a sense of what you truly want from your life and from your money. Then, armed with these insights, we create a comprehensive, fully customized financial plan that moves you toward your goals. making sure that you are adequately protected from the potential impacts of unexpected life events and market downturns. This includes:

Cash Flow Planning


Retirement planning

Estate planning


Insurance review & recommendations

Investment recommendations & management

Implementation is often the most difficult step in the financial planning process. Recognizing this, I am available to serve as your investment manager, financial coach and accountability partner. 

As your investment manager, I’ll create a personalized income plan that reflects your unique goals, dreams and objectives, paired with a disciplined, long-term growth portfolio that attempts to capture the market, not time the market. Any changes we make in your investment portfolio will reflect a shift in your personal priorities - not in the financial markets. We will work together to reach, and maintain your financial independence. 

As your accountability partner, I’ll make sure you make all the appointments, gather up the documents and meet with the professionals necessary to get—and keep—your financial life organized and secure. Your financial plan is a puzzle where all the pieces need to fit together in a coordinated manner – so that you feel calm and confident about your finances

As your financial mentor, I’ll continue to help you understand the interplay between your goals and your finances as circumstances change. As new, unanticipated events occur and priorities shift over time, I’ll be on hand to review your financial plan to make sure it remains relevant to your life , and am available to answer questions and concerns as your life evolves.

My Fees:

You are interested in partnering with someone to guide your financial decisions, and to help with the process of organizing and clarifying your values and priorities. You recognize the benefit of a relationship with a financial partner who will work with you over time to understand the interplay between your goals and your resources to respond to changing circumstances.

My compensation is based solely on the advice I provide. I will never sell you a product other than holistic financial planning, nor will I take a commission or a referral fee from any other professional. My commitment is to serve as a fiduciary, meaning I work on behalf of your interests only. I am committed to providing objective, unbiased advice at all times.

How I Am Compensated: 

When we begin our work together, you will pay an initial planning fee,  based upon complexity. 

An annual subscription fee, paid quarterly either out of your assets or your cash flow depending on your preference, begins the quarter after our initial engagement.

Who I Work With


After a successful run in your fast paced career, you are ready to pivot and find more fulfillment. Having accumulated assets to help launch a new phase of your life, you want your finances to help you create more freedom and flexibility. Whether you are eager for this new phase or overcome by uncertainty, you want to know your options, the financial implications, and how to take that first step forward. You want to partner with a trusted advisor to help you simplify and organize your financial life and gain clarity and confidence about how to align your finances with what matters most. After all, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wake up each morning, excited about the day ahead of you?


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Due to Covid-19, we are meeting with clients and prospects remotely, using Zoom, rather than in our offices. You can continue to contact us using the email address and/or phone number listed below.

I am a fee-only financial planner who is committed to asking the right questions, and listening deeply to understand what is important to you. Together we will define and design your truly abundant life. Contact me today to schedule your free initial consultation.



500 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 320, Harrison, NY 10528