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Are You Choosing Through Love or Fear?

There is much in our world today that is scary, and that we wish could be different. Of course, we wish that we were not experiencing a global pandemic and the catastrophic response of our dysfunctional federal government. We are concerned about the health of our friends and family. And we worry about the security of our financial future as we anxiously watch the stock market trade up and down with each new piece of news. So much seems outside of our control.

How to deal with the sometimes overwhelming stress and insecurity of our time? With a healthy dose of self-compassion! You may find my response radical, but I have found a regular practice of self-love to be transformative. Indeed, just finding time to sit quietly and be with your thoughts is in and of itself a radical act. Next time you have a moment, rest your attention on your breath and quietly repeat to yourself: 

May I and those I love to be safe and protected from harm. May I and those I love to be happy and content. May I and those I love experience ease and well-being.

My work is to help you intentionally plan your life in the midst of inevitable uncertainty. My mission is to guide you to make decisions based on the numbers AND on what your heart and soul are saying so that you are choosing from a place of love, not fear.

I can help you break down big concepts into smaller, more manageable bites, built on a strategy that reflects your values.  Together we can create a mission statement for your ideal life, then develop strategic objectives to help move along the path. Are you interested in finding out more? Please feel free to contact me. I would love to help!