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What's Your Retirement Readiness?

Many pre-retirees do not fully comprehend how dramatically their lives will change in retirement. For many people their job is their identity. Without work, they report more boredom, restlessness, and feelings of uselessness. People spend more time planning a wedding than planning their retirement!

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What Is Your Impact?

What keeps people from recognizing the impact their investmernts have on the world around them? This was the question I needed to answer as part of my homework in the course, "Towards Aware and Values-Centered Investing." A timely question, on the heels of the recent Global Climate March, preceding the U.N. Climate Action summit.

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Will interest rates keep going lower?

We are living during unprecedented times. Historically, investors have been paid an interest rate for lending money, in order to be compensated for the opportunity cost, for the risks of inflation, and for the credit risk. Now though, there is more than $15 trillion of government debt around the world with negative yields.

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Why Not To Pay Down Your Mortgage

Many of my clients have bought into the belief that no debt is good debt. However, unlike credit card debt or other consumer debt, your home mortgage is actually good debt that can be used to your advantage.