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What Is Your Relationship To Trust and Faith?

What is your relationship to faith? I am not talking about the faith of religion. I am describing a felt certainty in life itself, a knowing that, though life will likely not unfold the way we anticipate, we will be supported if we are present to, and don't struggle against, what is.

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Are You Choosing Through Love or Fear?

How to deal with the sometimes overwhelming stress and insecurity of our time? With a healthy dose of self-compassion! You may find my response radical, but I have found a regular practice of self-love to be transformative. Indeed, just finding time to sit quietly and be with your thoughts is in and of itself a radical act

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Are You Saying Yes to Too Many Things?

I am sooooo guilty of this - of saying yes to too many things. Coaching programs, mastermind groups, webinars, Facebook lives. It seems like each day brings new opportunity to learn how best to improve my health, solidify my relationships, grow my financial planning practice and deepen my spiritual life. Each offer seems like THE one thing I need to actualize my potential and be fufilled!