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Who I Work With

Something deep inside is calling you to make a change.

The roles that defined you have shifted, or are no longer satisfying. In the past few years, you find yourself motivated less by social striving and competition, and more interested in forging connections and finding meaning.

But you are uncertain. You question whether it’s possible to reinvent yourself while meeting responsibilities and making ends meet. You have been a significant earner, or perhaps the only breadwinner of your family and worry:

“What if I disappoint the people who depend on me?"

"What if I disappoint myself?”

Who I Work With White Plains, NY True Abundance Advisors

You resist letting go of the identity that defined you for so many years, especially when it’s not yet clear what will replace it. You may be overwhelmed by everything you need to consider, and may not even be sure what the right questions are or what decisions you need to make.

Leaving my Wall Street career to found True Abundance Advisors was an exciting, and scary, life change. My most successful clients share these character traits that helped me navigate the transition:

A belief in possibility

An ability to embrace change

An understanding that life is a journey, not a destination

An interest in lifelong learning and growth

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