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How I Can Help

You are a mid-life professional within a few years of a major life transition, perhaps a career change, retirement, or divorce. You are the financial decision maker, have accumulated a minimum of $500,000 of investable assets, and are looking for a professional partner to help you align your money with meaning.

With my financial planning process, you'll be able to create a life, not just make a living, because you'll make financial decisions with your heart as well as your head

My approach concentrates on 3 principles:

Lasting change comes from a place of inspiration, not effort.

I will help you author a vision of your life that you feel pulled to move towards, rather than pushed to accomplish. I will create a safe space where you can identify the values that guide you, and support the alignment of your spending with those values.

Money and emotions can be understood - not separated.

The money stories that you inherited from your family, community and culture shape your current money beliefs and behaviors. Together we will explore the stories that keep you stuck in ways that no longer serve you.

Life balance is a necessary part of financial wellness.

We will plan for your retirement, make sure your estate plan is up to date, and see that you have adequate insurance to protect the ones you love. But financial security alone cannot buy life satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Physical, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as financial assets, are an integral part of your life portfolio.

Approach focuses on 3 principles White Plains, NY True Abundance Advisors

The plan we create together will create balance in how you allocate your scarce resources of both time and money in order to experience a life of True Abundance.