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What Clients Are Saying

"Laura Rotter offers a blend of sound financial counseling with a wealth of financial experience in investing. She plans for a continued relationship as you move through life’s challenges. She is responsive to family dynamics and offers sound advice and counsel when called for. Our family highly recommends her services at True Abundance." 

 Deborah M., Bristol, Ct.

"Several years ago, my husband and I realized that we neither had the expertise nor interest in managing our retirement investments as retirement was approaching.  After an extensive search for an impartial financial advisor, we both agreed on Laura Rotter. It was not just her financial expertise that won us over, but her focus on our whole financial life and individual well being.  It's the smartest decision we ever made.  Not only has she impressively improved our financial situation, but she has guided us through a budgeting process, all insurance needs, getting our estate planning in order, and even helped us find an organizer for our house.  Her approach is holistic, and her guidance has been more than generous.  She has provided calm during financial storms. More than anything, she has provided us peace of mind, which has been priceless. We highly recommend her!" 

Katy K., Tarrytown, NY

"Reassuring, Knowledgeable, Accessible. My husband and I have worked with Laura for about seven years. She understands investing in ways we never will and makes it understandable. We follow her guidance because she understands the quality of life we want, as well as the financial numbers. And she makes sure we're on top of taxes and health insurance. She's earned our complete trust." 

Andrea F., New York, NY