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Are You "Finding Time?" Try "Creating" Space Instead

"I don't have the time for....."  "I am running late......" I will try to carve out time....." How often do you find yourself saying any or all of this things each week, if not each day?

Time Scarcity is Pervasive

The sense of time scarcity is pervasive in our culture. Our to-do lists have to-do lists, and we imagine that we will be able to get everything done when we put the right time management system in place, or are finally able to limit all distractions. Good luck with that!

What if we chose instead to create space rather than finding time, by prioritizing the tasks that are truly important, and learning to say no to requests that do not align with our goals and needs? Review your tasks and ask: do you really need to respond to emails immediately? Does that truly need to be completed by tomorrow?

So Much Time Pressure is Self Created

I recently went through this exercise, and realized that much of my time pressure is self created. I am putting practices in place to reset my own expectations as well as the expectations of others. I am working to let go of a relationship to time based on scarcity and fear in order to create more space for what matters to me, without guilt or apology.

Add "Space" To Your Financial Plan

Adding space to your financial plan is a good goal for the future. By space I mean: more room to breathe, more margin, and more freedom to do the things YOU dream about. What do you want that seems out of reach today? Let’s talk about it and take steps to get you started down that path. 

Speaking of "space," Richard Branson made the news as the first rocket company boss to be launched to space. Many say this breakthrough could soon open up space travel to the masses.

Every day we’re given opportunities to make things possible that once seemed impossible before.