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Are You Saying Yes to Too Many Things?

I am sooooo guilty of this - of saying yes to too many things. Coaching programs, mastermind groups, webinars, Facebook lives. It seems like each day brings new opportunity to learn how best to improve my health, solidify my relationships, grow my financial planning practice and deepen my spiritual life. Each offer seems like THE one thing I need to actualize my potential and be fufilled!

Rather than being fulfilled, however, I am full - of too many obligations on my calendar that distract me and steal time from the work I love to do, connecting with my heart to others and hearing how I can help. I am learning that I can’t say yes to everyone and everything and do all of it well. When I take on too many or the wrong things, I waste time, energy, and money, and distract myself from what’s really important.

We all have multiple priorities and goals. Understanding what we value and what we consider important provides the clarity to discern the next best opportunity to say YES to!

The same is true when it comes to our financial strategy. We can work together to consider multiple priorities and create a strategy to put you on a path to meet your long, mid, and short-term goals.