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How To Deal With Uncertainty

Dealing with uncertainty is hard. This blog highlights some practices and strategies that I found helpful as I navigated the heightened tension of 2020:

Have a Gratitude Practice

Enter your day looking for the spark - in your conversation with others, in the scenery outside, in an unexpected interaction. Shift your focus to what you are grateful for, as a way to recognize the many things you consider insignificant that actually bring joy.

Practice Morning Meditation

I start each morning with 20-minute mindfulness meditation. It helps me to focus, and I believe it positively affects my mood for the rest of the day.

Get Adequate Sleep

For most of my working life, I walked around sleep-deprived, catching up on the sleep I needed only on weekends. This year, I have given myself the gift of eight hours of sleep each weeknight. I wake without an alarm, refreshed, in a good mood, and ready to start my day. I highly recommend it as a way to reduce stress and boost productivity.

How to deal with the uncertainty inherent in your investments? I recommend that you focus on the future and remember your long-term goals. Have a diversified long-term financial strategy in place. Simply reminding yourself of your own good planning can have a calming effect. And, of course, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.