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How to Practice Awareness

Awareness is defined as "a state or condition of having knowledge or consciousness of a situation or fact." Given this definition, it would seem clear that we are each aware of how our choices impact our life situations.

Sadly, this is not the case. Too many of us experience life as "Groundhog Day," getting up in the morning, eating dinner, going to bed, and getting up to do it all over again. We often get lost in society's definition of who we are and what we should achieve.

Awareness is the first step toward reclaiming our true identity and dreams. Awareness of others, as partners rather than passive receivers of information, can help us become better communicators. Listening that truly leads to communication happens when "you're vulnerable to what the other person is giving you; when you're willing to be changed by the other person."On a more mundane level, awareness can help you with your finances.  

Sign up for mobile alerts when big purchases occur or your password changes on your bank cards. And be aware of the right amount of cash to keep in emergency savings - three to six months of living expenses is ideal for most people, unless your income is variable or seasonal, in which case you may want to aim for nine to twelve months of living expenses in savings.