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Purchasing a New Home: Thankfulness During Change

Our lives are permeated by change. Some changes we actively choose, others are thrust upon us. Purchasing a new home may be an exciting, anticipated event, but it is also a big change and may create stress. Decisions about where to live, how much to spend, and how to finance the purchase can all create anxiety. So how can we increase our ability to make successful transitions? 


Resilience is defined as the ability to return to the original form after being stretched, compressed or bent. Financial resilience comes from a foundation of basic financial knowledge, and a strategy for building financial security. In my work with clients who are purchasing a home, we work together to:

  • understand the costs, including the purchase and maintenance costs of the home being considered 
  • define how much house they can afford, based upon income as well as other fixed costs of the household
  • decide how to finance the purchase, including whether to go with a fixed or variable rate mortgage

Another proven tool to combat the stress inherent in change is recognizing and giving thanks for the life you have and the world you inhabit. Studies have shown that increasing your gratitude increases the happiness in your life. In this month of Thanksgiving, you might consider introducing a gratitude practice:

  • take a moment with your morning coffee to appreciate its aroma and taste
  • keep a gratitude journal by your bed and record three things you’re grateful for each night 
  • exchange a daily gratitude text with a friend 

We may not be able to stop change, and in fact may seek change when choosing to move into a new house. Still, building resilience through knowledge empowers us to actively engage with what’s ahead, while gratitude enables us to experience life’s changes as dynamic, challenging and filled with opportunity.