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What Are You Making Your Money Mean?

In 2016, I was asked to create a mission statement as a participant in a program that influenced the trajectory of my life, Leadership Westchester. I wrote:

Educate, enlighten and encourage others to be present to what ACTUALLY is, rather than the STORY of what is, so that they can awaken to this world of abundant possibility, wonder and grace.

This is the mission I bring to my work. Before we address spending plans or investment strategy, I encourage my clients to explore their relationship to money and the meaning they attribute to it.

What are you making your money mean?

To answer that question, explore what the word "money" brings up for you. Perhaps it represents freedom, or maybe security. Reflect on the lessons about money that you learned from your parents. These lessons continue to have a big impact on our relationship with money for years, if not decades, after we've grown into independent adults.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you on understanding your money story, and how you can revise it to incorporate what's true for you now.