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What Are You Working For?

I've been thinking lately about what I’m working for. So many of us, myself included, bought into society's definition of success, only to find that the big house, the fancy car, the expensive vacations make us feel stressed rather than satisfied. 

When we define success but what we've accumulated, we never have enough.

When we define success by the amount of things we've accumulated, we never have enough, since there is always something new to purchase. What if we measured success, not by the size of our bank account, but by the quality of our relationships, and our confidence to love and be loved?

Knowing how you define success may shift how you look at your life.

Knowing what you are working for, and how you define success, may shift how you spend your time and look at your life. It is a big part of working together to build a personalized financial strategy that keeps your money aligned with your meaning. Reach out to define and achieve your goals.