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What Is Your Relationship To Trust and Faith?

What is your relationship to faith? I am not talking about the faith of religion. I am describing a felt certainty in life itself, a knowing that, though life will likely not unfold the way we anticipate, we will be supported if we are present to, and don't struggle against, what is.

As we hit the eight-month mark of the pandemic, cultivating a relationship with trust and faith has never been more important.

As the pandemic drags on, even as I get used to this new normal, I am focused on practices that help with the natural tendency to be fearful in the face of uncertainty. If you are anxious, perhaps even catastrophizing the future, I suggest you:

  • take a moment to be present to what is ACTUALLY happening right now
  • make a list of all the positive things that you are grateful for (they don't need to be big things; the list could include having access to a hot shower!)
  • clarify the information you need to make the next best decision

Making decisions from a place of fear can often lead to regret. Working together, I will help you recognize the role your emotions are playing in important money matters and provide the information necessary for you to take the next step forward from a place of clarity and confidence. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.