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Your Spiritual Retreat

My friend, women and money expert Manisha Thakor, recently referred to the Coronavirus as "The Biggest Spritual Retreat Nobody Signed Up For."

While, the virus has certainly exacerbated the mental health challenges of many in our country and around the world, it has also achieved what wellness experts have been recommending for years—it has slowed life down. Amongst all the challenges, slowing down can allow us an unexpected upside: the development of positive habits that can help make life better in the long-term.

I have been spending more time in nature. I've discovered lakes and nature preserves for hikes and bike rides that I never knew existed in my area! Friends and clients have shared that they're devoting more time to hobbies, such as yoga, quilting, or baking. Any sourdough starter to share?

I encourage you to take this time to reevaluate your priorities, your wants vs. your needs, and the goals of your long-term strategy. Although there remains a lot of economic and social uncertainty, slowing down and making time to care for ourselves and others can help us persevere.  

Please let me know what you have done to create your "spiritual retreat."