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Episode 138: An Interview with Laura Rotter

Moments of the Heart, Dorice Horenstein, interviews guest Laura Rotter!

Dorice Horenstein interviews Laura Rotter, CFA, CFP. Laura is the owner of True Abundance Advisors, a heart-centered, values-based financial planning firm based in New York. After a successful career managing money for institutional investors including Citicorp and Para Advisors, Laura discovered mindfulness practices and was drawn to guide professionals facing a big life change to achieve both financial security and life satisfaction. Since making her shift, she has been featured in CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and Westchester Senior Voice, is on the advisory council of Impact100 Westchester, a women’s group giving organization, and the investment committee of the Hebrew Free Burial Association and volunteers with My Money Workshop, teaching financial literacy to underserved communities. Listen In! Who is Dorice Horenstein: Dorice Horenstein, Oy to Joy Speaker, Certified Positive Intelligence Expert, and Author of Moments of the Heart, Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly, is equipping us with food for thought as it relates to balance! Connect with Dorice via her website www.doricehorenstein.com or email her at dorice@doricehorenstein.com.  if you like what you heard. Don't forget to rate and share! Dorice's Bio After serving as an officer in the Israeli army and many fulfilling years in the education field, Dorice transitioned to make the world her platform.  Her award-winning bestselling book Moments of the Heart: Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly was published in 2020, providing Dorice with the opportunity to use her knowledge and expertise to speak on international stages, both virtually and in person. Educating and training is Dorice’s superpower. She defines T.E.A.M. as Together Everyone’s Attributes (are) Magnified. Through the expertise obtained via International Coaching Federation and Positive Intelligence certifications, Dorice coaches and motivates leaders and teams to identify their strengths and improve effectiveness and become the leaders they are meant to be. She promotes healthy and positive relationships that reduce stress and helps clients achieve higher retention as well as a positive atmosphere in the workplace (and at home!). When giving keynotes, Dorice invigorates audiences using impactful stories of challenges sprinkled with tips of positivity to gain awareness. When coaching, leaders are moved to take actions that bring their potential into reality. When delivering training and workshops, Dorice enhances teams’ effectiveness and promotes healthy and positive relationships by using a 4-step approach, Awareness, Mental fitness, Communication, and Resilience. Dorice is a member of the National Speaker Association, on the board of the NSA Oregon, and Past President of Toastmasters for Speaking Professionals. Dorice passionately believes that Positivity is an "inside out” practice that instills a calm, laser-focused approach, produces success and growth AND can be taught to strengthen, cultivate, and inspire others to live an enjoyable, healthy, and positive life! Dorice’s website: www.doricehorenstein.