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Mindfulness Practices in Finance and Life with guest Laura Rotter

Episode Description

Join Sally Arkell-Boles in this inspiring episode of the Sally Speaks Mindset Podcast, featuring Laura Rotter, a renowned financial planning expert. Sally, a High Performance Success & Mindset Mentor, dives deep with Laura, owner of True Abundance Advisors, into the world of mindful financial planning and life satisfaction. Discover how Laura transitioned from a successful institutional money manager to a values-based financial planner, impacting lives beyond the numbers.This episode is not just about financial security; it's about aligning your wealth with your deepest values and life goals. Laura's journey, featured in top publications like The New York Times and CNBC, showcases the power of mindfulness in achieving financial wellness. As a member of Impact100 Westchester and a volunteer for My Money Workshop, Laura brings unique insights into creating meaningful and satisfying life changes.Whether you're navigating a significant life transition, seeking financial empowerment, or aspiring for personal growth, this podcast is your essential guide. Sally's expert mentorship and Laura's heart-centered approach offer a transformative perspective on achieving success, wellness, and wisdom. Don't miss this empowering conversation that bridges finance and personal fulfillment.Contact information for Laura Rotter: www.TrueAbundanceAdvisors.com




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