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Let's Connect

Schedule a free, 30 minute consultation

In this initial call, WE WILL EXPLORE:

  • Your financial values and priorities. Most financial planners focus solely on wealth accumulation. But often, we're not even sure what we want our money to do for us - we're just blindly looking to to get more of it. This can lead to ineffective financial plans, lackluster results and disappointment.

Instead, we help you first understand why money is important to you. Perhaps you value the security it provides, or .perceive that it gives you access to greater independence and freedom. We help you understand how you define a successful financial life - so that we can build a step-by-step financial plan that gets you there.

  • Your current level of financial satisfaction. The groundwork for making positive change in our financial lives is awareness. This is where we start.
  • Your financial concerns. Maybe you're planning a career change and want to understand if it's something you can afford, or you're interested in investing in line with your values but aren't sure where to start. We'll talk you through your specific areas of concern. 

Financial Life Planning is a powerful way to identify what authentically matters to you and brings you true joy. The insights from our conversation assure the financial plan we create together is customized, nuanced and effective. 

To schedule, pick a time on my calendar below that works best.

I look forward to speaking with you!