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5 Things to Consider When Crafting Your Investment Strategy

I recently read with Horror  an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled The Investors Who Still Think Bitcoin will Make them Rich. Hi, I'm Laura Rodder of True Abundance Advisors, and a couple of emotions came up when I read this article about 30 year olds who think that their only path to wealth is through frankly risking everything in cryptocurrencies.

One of the emotions I've named is horror, but another emotion frankly is sadness. I'm sad that people feel so cut off from traditional paths to wealth from the financial system, frankly, that they think the only way to go.  is to, you know, roll it all , put all your money on. Nine is to buy volatile assets like cryptocurrencies.

And one of the people in this article, Who was interviewed was 30 years old, at 30 years old. Again, another sadness. You're lacking the financial education to know that time is on your side, that the power of compounding is on your side. So sad. So I'm doing my small part. I hope to educate you. The more traditional path to building wealth.

So I'd like to give you five things to consider when building your investment strategy. Number one, spend less than you earn. Number two, ask yourself, how can I invest in myself? Make sure you're continuing to get education, continuing to learn and to grow your career. Number three, ask yourself, are you investing for the long term or are you speculating?

and when you invest for the long term, when you don't make changes to your strategy other than when there are changes in your life, you get to benefit from the natural growth of companies and from economies. Number four. Ask yourself, is your portfolio diversified? That is, you are invested across industries and across geograph geographies, and finally, Ask yourself, am I taking enough risk?

Especially with women I work with often they're happily invested in bonds and other less risky assets, but.  actually to take enough risk for the growth that's necessary for our long, long lives. You do have to save some money invested in the stock market again for the long term at low fees. Well diversified look.

Building wealth is a long-term process. I'm not talking to you about a get rich quick scheme. I am talking to you about a get rich slow scheme. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to be a second pair of eyes and how you're currently invested. My name is Laura Rodder of True Abundance Advisor.

and I'm happy to help my clients live their life on purpose.