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Align Your Money with Meaning

I was walking with my husband, in our neighborhood. It was one of those pandemic walks that you took early on in the pandemic. I remember it being May, 2020.And I had started my business a couple of years earlier in I think it was June, July, 2016.And though I knew, you know, entrepreneurship would be hard, I had imagined that after a year or two, it would sort of be a continuation of my Wall Street career. Not, not in terms of how much money I would earn, but just in how successful I'd be feeling in my ability to build a business.

But here it was May, 2020. I wasn't feeling that success. And I had been approached by a large registered investment advisory firm who was looking frankly, I think to have, you know, a woman involved and also was hoping I could help build out the financial planning department, but I would be back to being a salaried employee, maybe with a bonus. And my picture would be with everybody else's picture in a dark jacket and a white shirt. I really wasn't interested in it, but I felt well, maybe that's the responsible thing to do for my family.

So I was out walking with my husband and it started to talk to me about this. And he just looked at me and said, Laura, why would you go back to working for someone else? You are more creative, more alive than I'm ever seen you in your work life. You feel like you're on a mission. To help people, but from a heart centered place to bring both the heart centered part of me and the numbers part of me creatively to the work I do with others. And somehow I guess I needed his permission, his giving me his permission in that way, during that walk suddenly gave myself the permission. To continue to build this business, True Abundance Advisors, the way I want to build it, helping and working with people that I can really serve.

So that's the best advice I've received recently.

Laura Rotter, True Abundance Advisors urging you to live your life on purpose.