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Bear Market Perspective

We humans crave certainty and the knowledge that everything will be okay. I'm Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors. And I do want to acknowledge that we're right now, living through a period of time of uncertainty. We don't know what the markets will do near term. We don't know if the economy is currently in a recession or is going into a recession and that can be very anxiety provoking for many of us.

And so I'm hoping I could help you reframe this, to see this as a period of time of opportunity. Financial markets are currently on sale. I do not know what they're going to do near term. Is there going to be more volatility to the downside? What I do have a deep seated belief in is that our economic system works and over time, investment assets will be worth more.

But right now, as opposed to if your favorite clothing store suddenly had a sale and you'd be running in, when the stock market's on sale, people tend to run away. If you have cash sitting in low yielding bank accounts and you don't have any need for this cash over, let's say the next seven to 10 years, then I encourage you to take advantage of this buying opportunity and start to make some purchases in the stock market.

Another encouragement for you. If you have a lot of anxiety: you don't have a financial plan.; you don't know how this is impacting you; you don't know if you're invested correctly, given your personal risk tolerance and your personal life goals, please reach out to me. It's so important to understand: does this have a big impact on your life?

Does this have a small impact on your life? Are you invested correctly? I would be happy to have a conversation with you. Again, my name is Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors. I encourage you to use your financial resources to live your life on purpose. Thank you.