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Do I need Life Insurance?

Hello, I'm Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors and I'm making this video today to help you answer the question: do I need life insurance? I'm often  surprised when I start to work with a new client, a couple, and they either  have too little life insurance or too much life insurance, and so it it helps  me see that they're not really understanding why they have this insurance in place. So I'd like to give you some key considerations.   The first one being: life insurance is a form  of love. Life insurance, if you will, is love insurance. Are there people you love that depend  upon your income stream to help support them? Do   you have children who will be going to college and your income stream is going to help pay for that?

Do you own a home and have a mortgage and  your income stream is helping to pay for that? If you do, then you need life insurance. Now  you might say: I don't have an income stream. I'm the spouse that is at home taking care of the children. Well, you need life insurance as well   because if you were to have passed yesterday  your family would still need that support. Your children would still need someone at home.  Your spouse may need to hire someone to be there in a way that you are right now and so an income  stream would be needed to help pay for that. So   ask yourselves the question: would someone you  love suffer if you were to have passed yesterday? would someone you love need to replace the current  caregiving and support that you are providing? do you share with those you love financial  commitments such as a mortgage or a business?  

In all these cases, you would need life  insurance. If you would like to have a more personal detailed conversation to understand  exactly how much life insurance you need. I would be happy to have this  conversation with you. Please reach out and contact me. So please, today, go out there  and live your life with love and with purpose!