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Financial Decluttering to Invite Possibility

Hello this is Laura Rotter from True Abundance Advisors.

We're still early in this new year of 2021. So what a perfect time to talk about decluttering. Financial decluttering is an important task to take on at any time of the year but perhaps we have more energy to take it on now. One of the greatest benefits I feel the work I do in financial planning with clients has is this sense of clarity from organization. When people first start to work with me I ask them to get an inventory of all the financial assets in their lives where your bank accounts your, investment accounts, other assets you own such as your home. and I find this is very helpful to get a sense of where everything is. And what everything you own is.

In other areas of our lives we also need decluttering.  I'm thinking for example of of the piles around my office and how I've started to go through them and get a sense of order. and also decluttering our email inboxes so much comes in and taking the time to unsubscribe from um lists that are no longer helpful is a great thing to tackle at this time of year or any time of year of course.  There is a great actual benefit from creating order from disorder I also want to highlight the psychic karmic benefit that I believe we can all get from bringing order to our lives there's so much that's stale that we hold on to and by letting go of what no longer serves us of papers that no longer serves us of habits that no longer serve us we can take a deep breath and invite more spaciousness new energy new life to unfold within us and then by extension outside of us and so I'd like to invite you to create space in your life by beginning to organize to allow yourself to move forward into this new year with new energy new meaning and to begin to live your life with new purpose.