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How can you embrace uncertainty?

We are in a period of great uncertainty. There's a war in Ukraine. Inflation is spiking. The world around us seems to be changing it is no wonder that the markets are volatile. You can see behind me the wind blowing to me always a representation of change and uncertainty.

We humans are wired to seek certainty so how can we use this period of sort of off-centeredness and off-balance and questioning to our advantage? Well I have three pieces of advice for how to do this.

My first piece of advice is create the stability in your life from really looking at and organizing and clarifying your financial life. Understand what comes in each month and what goes out. how much you're saving and then how your investments are can give you a feeling of stability. I build bond ladders for my clients where each rung is held to maturity. So that represents the pantry if you will, that there's always a loaf of bread when you open the pantry and you need something to eat. So make sure you understand how you're invested and how your cash flow works to give you a sense of peace from that point of view.

Once you've done that work then I encourage you to be grateful for everything you have all the resources that you have in your life to turn to during periods of certain uncertainty. Your skills, your financial resources, your friendships, your family,  your community, your work. Maybe make a list of what it is that you're grateful for and then turn to yourself and be grateful for your resilient core that has gotten you through every difficult day in your life already and that continues to be a source of strength. That you yourself are your source of strength to turn to during these periods of off-balance.

So if you'd like some help organizing and clarifying your financial life to build the stability, please feel free to reach out.

My name is Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors encouraging you to use your money to live life on purpose.