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Recession worries? Keep these 3 things in mind.

We are certainly living through uncertain times. Yesterday, the CPI or consumer price index was reported for the month of June. And it was up over 9% year over year. Also the yield curve is inverted. That is you are paying more to hold shorter dated treasuries, two year treasuries, than you are for locking up your money for longer periods of time,

buying ten year treasuries. And yield curve inversion is often seen as a precursor to recession. And the stock market is quite volatile. As I'm recording this, the Dow is down close to 400 points.  And what we know is that if you see your retirement savings going down, that often can make your emotions respond accordingly and you could feel sort of low.

So I have some recommendations for you. Number one, take a deep breath.  Our breath can go a long way in regulating our emotions. Now, I have a couple of more recommendations. Check your risk tolerance. That is how much risk you are comfortable taking in order to reach your goals in the stock market. When I start to work with a client, I actually print out, I give a portfolio recommendation and then I walk through how much you could actually lose in dollars and cents,

if we were to have another downturn, like we experienced in 2008. I don't do that to scare. I do that because, though I know your financial plan will work during the inevitable downturns, I wanna make sure you don't pick up the phone during a period of time like this and ask me to sell everything because you just can't sleep well at night.

So number one, really understand how much risk you can tolerate. Number two, avoid knee jerk reactions during periods of time like this.  There's no point again in, you know, selling everything during a market downturn. Investing in the stock market, inevitably will have you going through periods of corrections like this.

And so then number three, I urge you: work with a financial professional and reach out for reassurance if you need to. If you are already a client of mine and feel really uncomfortable right now, please pick up the phone and I am happy to talk to you about your investment portfolio and your current investment plan.

And if you're not working with me, I'd be happy to give you some feedback on how you're currently invested and any changes I might suggest. My name is Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors. I am here for you if you need someone to talk to, and I urge you to use your money to live your life on purpose.