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Set Intentions, Not Goals!

Hi, I'm Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors.

Now, It's traditional at this time of year to set goals for the coming year. I, frankly, am not a big believer in goal setting. Goals, by and large, tend to be very externally driven. What do I want to achieve? What do I want to get in 2022? And often, without even realizing it, we're allowing others values and others goals, if you will, to inform our own. So I'd like to help you set an intention as you enter this new year. Intentions, I find, are much more internally driven. What is the behavior? What are the behaviors you'd like to exhibit in 2022?How do you want to feel? We've learned that we're not much in control of a lot of things in our lives since the pandemic, but we are in control of how we respond to them. So I have some questions to help us set our intentions for 2022.

The first question is, what is going well for me in my life? And as a corollary, what do I want more of this year? Perhaps there are certain experiences that you've had this year that you'd like to continue to experience. Perhaps you didn't get a chance to travel, and that's an experience you'd like to have in the coming year. Please take time to think about it and even write it down to make it even more real.

Next questions how do you want to show up for your friends, for your family, for community? And a deeper question, perhaps how can I be of service in the coming year? And then, the last question to consider who am I becoming? Where is that spark of growth taking place in my life? And how can I nurture that growth in 2022?I like to choose a word to encompass my intention for the year.

And so the word I'm choosing for 2022 is vitality. I have been given this gift of life, and I am going to respond to that gift with a sense of being alive, of being vital as much as possible throughout the year. So I encourage you to ask yourself, what do you want your purpose to be this year? And what word can you choose to give yourself that sense of purpose? So please go out there and live your life on purpose.