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Surfing Along the Waves?

Surfing Along the Waves... or Standing on Solid Ground?

The news headlines are fast and furious. Debt ceiling negotiations have broken down, or perhaps once they reach an agreement on the debt ceiling, the treasury will flood the market with treasury bills, and the stock and bond markets will trade down. Maybe you're hearing  inflation has peaked, or perhaps inflation is going to continue to go up.

I'm Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors, and you may be asking yourself, What should I do? What is going to happen? Who should I believe My first recommendation? Take a deep breath. And then picture in your mind the ocean with waves crashing on the shore. And think of those waves as the news story rising and then crashing down.

And you may think of yourself perhaps as the surfer on the waves, you're being tossed about and you're trying to balance. I actually would suggest that you think of yourself, perhaps as the surf board, the steady board, that you can stand upon and balance amidst all the turbulence. And how can you do that?

Well, if you have a financial plan and you know you're invested for the long term. And that you're only gonna make changes to that plan when your life changes, not when the new cycle shifts. And that can give you a sense of peace, a sense of balance. I know my clients can feel that way, and if they don't, they reach out and we have a conversation.

If you would also like to experience that peace of mind amid the flurry of news stories, please reach out and give me a call. I'd be happy to talk to you. Again, I'm Laura Rotter of True Abundance Advisors. Thank you for listening and I'd love to help you live your life on purpose.