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Talking About Money Without Breaking A Sweat

Hello. You'd think having conversations  about money would be easy for me after all,  I talk about money all day long with my clients,  conversations with my spouse, with my children,  with friends about money. Not so easy. 

I remember an evening a couple of years ago. I was  out with friends for dinner. We were talking about  destination weddings, frankly, rather disdainfully about the pressure that destination weddings put on guests to spend beyond their means, let alone  if you're part of the wedding party. 

At the end of the evening, the bill for dinner came. It was a  casual dinner. We were, frankly, at a bar restaurant  watching a hockey game, And the bill was a couple of $100. We had ordered a bottle of wine. We had ordered several appetizers and entrees. And frankly, I wasn't paying that much attention. 

Did I say to my friends, I prefer to spend that kind  of money on a really special dinner? I'd like to be more intentional when we go out together next  time about our spending. But I didn't say a thing.  I  was ashamed to bring it up. But conversations about  money are hard. My advice? Be a good listener.

Keep  in mind that others grow up with different money  stories and different attitudes about money modeled to us by our parents. So no judgment and keep  trying. These are hard discussions to have, but always worth having .

If you'd like to  discuss in more detail, please reach out to me at Laura@trueabundanceadvisors.com. 

My  name is Laura Rotter, owner of True Abundance Advisors. And I love helping others  live their lives on purpose. Thank you. Bye.