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What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

Hello, I'm Laura Rotter from  True Abundance Advisors.  

A note from 2014 fell out of  a book onto my lap recently. Here is the note: it reads,  "table, 32 inches wide, 52 inches long;  couch, 35 inches wide, 80 inches long.

Now, you may wondering, "why is she  sharing this information with me?" Well, listen up and you'll understand. It's  the beginning of Spring. It's a period of time where I suggest you ask yourself: what is  it that you're seeding? what would you like  to grow over the next couple of months? And, in  order to grow, what are you willing to give up?

Now, this table was in my large dining room, in my  previous home that I moved out of in the Summer of  2014. It had several leaves, and enabled us to be the place that extended family came, for Thanksgiving dinners,  for Passover seders, and so, when we downsized and moved into my current  home in 2014, the table could not come with us.  

I did love that table, and I love the house  that we lived in for close to 20 years, and where I raised my family. Do I ever  regret letting it go? Not at all. Because, by leaving that house and the possessions  that were within it, I regained my life. I no longer had to be on the 6:55 a.m train, to sit on a trading desk with people whose values I didn't share, with  work that no longer interests me.

Instead, I was able to start my own financial planning business,  working with real human beings, with individuals to organize and clarify their financial  lives and invest alongside with their values. No longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn,  but can spend the first couple of hours of my day walking my dog, meditating, journaling,  exercising and then getting to do work I love.  

Have flexibility during the day to sign up for  workshops that interest me, to spend time with friends, either on zoom or, lately, live. I have  gained so much, and I'm growing so much, by giving things up. So ask yourself: what would you like  to seed and start to grow in the coming months,  and what are you willing to let go of in  order to enter this next phase of your life?

So please, go out there and  live your life on purpose!