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Why I Do What I Do


Hello I'm Laura Rotter the founder and owner of true abundance advisors a values-based financial planning firm.

Now every business owner has an origin story. You know where is the passion that you bring to your business coming from? So I'd like to share mine. I had a long career as an institutional investor on wall street. We say I like to see my career in thirds. The first third of my career I loved it loved it loved it. The second third of my career I was quite involved in raising children. I had three young children and so I sort of took what I did each day for granted. but by the end of my career I really experienced myself as a victim of my life. I thought that there were no real choices available to me I had put an expensive overhead in place three kids in private school in private camps looking forward to attending private colleges. I had a large home (they were three rambunctious loud kids so I wanted enough space for them). I had a vacation home, we were big skiers and we had a a place in Vermont where we skied. We took expensive vacations overseas ,skiing out west. and so I experienced myself as someone who had no choices I couldn't possibly leave a career with the high income I was earning whether or not it was making me feel good. and then I discovered mindfulness practices. I discovered yoga.  I started to meditate and I came to the realization that this is one life that I have. I don't get a do-over if I'm spending my time looking forward to weekends looking forward to you know seeing friends taking courses in the evening. Well that was my choice and I could therefore choose to do otherwise. and part of the thing I discovered is that of course if you make a choice that lowers the income you can also make choices that lower your expenses.

Somehow this was like a revelation to me and so we sold our vacation home we sold our big house. I'm in a position where my kids now are off the family payroll. They graduated from college and so I had the ability to make choices that were in keeping with my values who I am and what I want to contribute to this world. and so I am passionate about helping others who feel trapped by the circumstances of their lives specifically people in careers that are no longer serving them or perhaps ending a marriage that's no longer serving them and helping you if this describes you great get better clarity about the res the financial resources you have in your life so that you can use these resources to live a life that you love. I'll be giving you tools to help you move forward with purpose in your life so please go out there and live your life on purpose.